A fiemmese sheep:” tingola "

The so called “fiemmese” sheep, once bred in the Val di Fiemme, the Val di Fassa and in some areas of Trentino, derives from the cross between the Lamon sheep and local mestizos from Trentino. This sheep was locally known as “Tingola", from the name of the last Trentino breeder "el Tingol", who brought to graze a selected group of " fiemmesi "sheep on the Mount Mulat.

Sheep of this breeding were so beautiful that the shepherds of the South Tyrol made the competition to be able to have some of them; evidence confirmed by the last living shepherd today in Tesero, Delladio Ferruccio (called Fero).

Towards the middle of the twentieth century this sheep disappeared. Recently the Vilnösser - Schaf has been imported from the South Tyrol, a similar sheep and most likely of the same family as the "fiemmese".

The Vilnösser - Schaf is a sheep of medium height, with deep and wide chest and a characteristic colouring of the head: black spots around the eyes (glasses) and in the lower part of the ear the veil is white.

The strong structure, the strong legs, particular aptitude for the protection of the young animals, give this sheep a great ability to adapt to the environment in which it lives.

The breed is very fertile, the average age at first delivery is 18 months.
Weight of lamb at delivery: 3.5 kg
Weight of the sheep: 55-65 Kg
Weight of the male: 75-90 Kg

Appreciated for the quality of the meat and its thin and precious wool, this sheep is present in Trentino in about ten farms with 200 animals.

With the scientific contribution of Dr. Emilio Pastore
University of Padua, Faculty of Agriculture. Department of Zootechnical Sciences
and the Department of Agriculture of the Autonomous Province of Trento.

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